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Information for upcoming Youth season

Tiger Youth Wrestling families-

We will be having a short practice Jan. 4th to review rules and to make sure everything runs smoothly with check-in and making sure kids understand the importance of the rules in the wrestling room. We will be running Pre-k-3rd from 7-7:30pm and 4th-6th from 7:30-8pm.

Please make sure to have your wrestler on-time for practice and make sure to pickup on-time as well. We will have volunteers helping at the door to direct kids and document participants.

We will have practice at the Marshall High School wrestling room. Room is located on your left as you enter the Gymnasium doors. Again we will be unable to allow parents to be present per the Marshall School district guidelines.

We are continuing to work on the schedule. At this time it is looking like practices will be held Mondays and Thursdays. If varsity would have an event one of the practice nights we will try and reschedule another night.  We will practice from 7-7:45 and 4th-6th will practice from 8-9pm. 



Marshall Area Wrestling Association

Marshall Area Wrestling promotes the sport of wrestling from preschool to the high school level.  Marshall Area Wrestling seeks to build the skills and confidence of all wrestlers through skill based practice and tournament opportunities.  Knowledgeable coaches get to know each wrestler and encourage each wrestler to have fun with the sport, make friends, and enjoy all that wrestling can teach.  

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